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Tags: dentist A different kind of filling and oral hygeine I hate going to the dentist. But I found a new dentist last year. She was recommended by my mother-in-law.

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On a girly night out an old friend confided in me that she had visited a specialist to have an internal checkup and although she went privately and had to pay she told me it was well worth the money. She went on to tell me she now had regular checkups and suggested that at my age I should do the same, she sent the phone number to my Blackberry, I told her I would think about it.

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Author: Gary Larson It was time to go to the orthadontist again, i had to get new retainers since my recent ones havent really been helping with my teeth anymore. On the ride there i coulnt help but think about my hot orthodontist every time i went he seemed happy to see me. I know thats probably what he does to everyone but it still made me happy.

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The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. She can't feel anything?

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