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Tufts This is "Scene 3-and-a-half" from Act II of the rock opera, "The Passion of Persephone" -- the scene depicting Persephone's loss of virginity, that can't actually be shown onstage. For more of the scenes that we CAN get away with onstage, see www dot passionofpersephone dot com or www dot myspace dot com slash PassionOfPersephoneRockOpera. For more of my writings, see www dot rosannatufts dot com. The scene that follows this one, is Persephone's discovery that she, alone of all the Gods, has the power to grant Reincarnation to the Spirits of the Dead.

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Flashfill Friday is a lovely concept I adopted from the kink meme I used to write for when there was still an audience. This is how it works: You remain anonymous unless you specifically ask me for a shout out.

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Hades was the brother of Zeus and the god of the underworld. Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of nature.

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Erotic hades persephone story
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