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But there's another big bodily change that's going on: You're dealing with pregnancy boobs. From feeling like they're going to burst out of your old bras to watching your areolae take up more real estate on your breasts , it's an understatement to say that your set might go through a transformation. So, what's behind all of these dramatic breast changes? You guessed it: "It's all for lactation," Taraneh Shirazian , M.

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Quirky Questions: Nipple Changes in Pregnancy? With all the bliss that comes with becoming a new mom come some pitfalls. Fear not. For most women, the breasts as a whole will get bigger while the nipples will experiences changes in size, shape, and sensitivity.

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You're certainly familiar with the obvious changes ie, growing a belly , but what about some of the lesser talked-about symptoms, like the millions of ways your boobs can look and feel different? According to the Mayo Clinic , in your first trimester, you might have breast tenderness, and in your second trimester, you might notice more changes like general breast enlargement.

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White says. If you're breastfeeding, then your areolae grow as they get ready to help with lactation , and change color because they're needed more than ever, she says.

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Second trimester From weeks 14 to 27, the second trimester of pregnancy may bring about the following breast changes: Darker areolas The areolas are the colored circles around the nipples. Over the course of the second and third trimesters, the areolas often become larger and darker. Some people believe that this occurs to help the newborn locate and latch onto the nipples.

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In this instance, it's all about the boobs. What exactly can you expect to happen to your breasts and nipples during the nine months you are carrying your precious baby? Ladies, here are the main boob changes to watch out for Credit: NHS Choices 1 Your breasts will become sore and tender Thanks to rapidly increasing levels of oestrogen and progesterone, breasts become extremely tender during pregnancy - particularly during the first trimester.

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Girls with big dark pregnant nipples
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