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I guess it's not something that has really caught on in Michigan yet, but it's such a good idea I think it will. I finally found out what a 'Jack and Jill' party was and how it works , this weekend when I attended my first one. First off, there are a few different versions of 'Jack and Jill' parties - showers, fundraisers, and the 'Jack and Jill' bachelor party. This party was a 'Jack and Jill' fundraiser party.

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Benn Share You've said "Yes! But how do you throw a successful Jack and Jill and avoid the less-than-flattering cash-grab stereotype? Jack and Jill.

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The Realist, January-February, with Carol Queen Nice girls don't go sniffing like beasts around warehouses full of men with erect cocks, other women decked out in lingerie and smelling of hot pussy. That was the threshold I had to cross into my first Jack-and-Jill-Off party. A man with a dog-snout mask and bright orange clown wig bears warm greeting. Beyond a series of long fabric panels hanging from the high ceiling is a woman dressed as a fairy godmother sitting at a small table.

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They come in many varieties. It is basically a sexually oriented party game for adults. There are some basic ground rules: 1.

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