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This time his crown jewel is Asa Akira. Get ready to smile from the waist down again. The fun and games kick off with Lana Violet and Mick Blue getting down and dirty. Mick is no stranger to the stud scene and he makes short work out of a hot dish like Lana.

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The lighting was pretty solid here, as expected given this was Robby's standard type of gonzo, and that meant that the limited amounts of grain and other visual elements used to lend a sense of texture were minimal. While I generally prefer stronger lighting in my gonzo porn, Robby provided a lot of clarity on all but the last scene this time, the indoor location adequately lit though not perfectly. The way the scenes were shot and edited was markedly similar in the scenes, though the composition of the angles was changed up a bit depending on the scene in question; providing a variety of styles to enjoy. The composition of the shots and the editing enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little bit too, proving what this critic has to say about the production team led by Robby, "Not Nick P XXX" on the editing board this time.

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"This was supposed to be for tomorrow, but I have a feeling it'll help today. You need a constant reminder that we will handle anything that comes our way. together. " I was paying so much attention to the charm I didn't notice right away that there was something attached inside the lid.

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He must have taken hold of the pillow because when I tried to pull on it to swing again, there was resistance. And then I was being pushed onto my back.

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And we were still outside. After a commute twice as long as usual to get here due to the traffic, we walked about half-a-mile from where we'd parked.

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Holly Berry for the rest of my life?" I sniffed back a tear, and my eyes widened. Of all the things I thought I'd say if he proposed, I probably surprised both of us when I blurted, "The turkey!" Chris chuckled, grappling at me as I tried to climb off the bed. "Whoa. It had an hour to go when I grabbed the ring.

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His cock bobbed slightly from its elevated position, and I licked my lips. Any thoughts of having the privilege of sucking it, though, were dashed when he maneuvered between my legs and sat back down.

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