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Tweet It's often said that those who look back on their high school years as the best years of their life are incredibly miserable people today. Those who were outcasts, or were bullied, grew up to be so successful and rich that the trauma of their teenage years was completely erased, leaving no permanent damage to their psyche.

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Jun 9, body image , self esteem 7th grade. What does that evoke in you? My mom let me subscribe to Teen magazine and I remember a particular issue where the model on the cover had a super-cool haircut. I wanted that same super-cool haircut, so off we went to Supercuts with the magazine in hand.

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La'Mareea, age 8, lives in Ohio. She recently did a modeling shoot with a photographer, and one image was so fierce, the photographer called her the "Warrior Queen. In caudal regression syndrome , the bones of the lower spine are malformed or missing, and the leg bones can be underdeveloped too.

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There was some kooky flirting against a backdrop of lively music, and then they ended up making out while the sun rose, despite the fact that the two of them would have been smelling like a chum bucket if it had been happening in reality.

When Chris had asked if I wanted to earn some extra cash, I hadn't expected it to be like a movie. Well, maybe we'd do the make out session later today.

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