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Sex in fiction, like sex on a beach, ought to be a no-brainer. On the one hand, there's, well, sex, a source of mystifying pleasure and profundity that for most people rarely elicits any articulation other than a contented grunt, groan, or gasp. On the other hand, there's the novel, an artistic enterprise devoted to making verbal sense of mute experience. In theory, the setup seems the perfect illustration of the Reese's principle: two great tastes that taste great together.

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This is a place for adults maintained by adults without kindergarden teachers holding your hand. There's room for political or critical discussion as well. You can engage in debate to your heart's content, as long as you stay respectful of the other.

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After I had given up hope of ever having a sexual experience as satisfying as my night with Leif. Every muscle in my body tensed with anticipation. My breath caught in my chest as my fingers ventured down, under the black lace of my panties.

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Feb 27, Art Partner No matter how you feel about Fifty Shades of Grey as a book or film, its meteoric rise in popularity has put the spotlight on a frequently misunderstood and underappreciated genre of pop culture that deserves the attention: erotic fiction. The common misconception about the genre is assuming the word "erotic" immediately translates to smut or filth or straight-up pornography.

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Though her dating life was pretty healthy, her interests in intercourse were dwindling. I couldn't judge her, though, since I've been there myself. I've experienced week-long spans of sexual disinterest.

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