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The last few times were boring, with not hunks in sight, just some old men and young kids playing in the water. I was hoping to see some big, strong boys while I swam off the excess fat. It was a public holiday and the swimming pool was more crowded then usual. Boy, was I in luck today!

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Author: Toby Owen I looked up at the clock as I swam. Only 3 minutes left of training. Then the locker room- my favourite place in the world at the moment. There I could conspicuously admire the delicious bodies of the bunch of hunks who were my team mates.

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Author: Max Jackson "Keep drilling, boys. Lock up at six!

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Fun at the swimming pool Part 1 from 1. Author: Jack Doff I had just finished swimming at a pool in the city, i had swam 4 a km non-stop, i like to keep in shape, i'm well built and 6'4.

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Author: Giuseppe Negro I always loved swimming. I loved the feel of the water against my skin, the sense of feeling weightless, it was addictive. I would wake up every morning, take off my clothes, and dive into the blue, the ice cold water and air being, by far, the best wake up ever. At the age of 18, I stood at a meagre 5'10, with medium length, light brown hair, and blue eyes.

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LNL, takes place a week after "Swim Team". Competition day.

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