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I was standing in a moodily lit corner of the Student Union, casually running a hand through my mane in an attempt to look suave and vaguely bookish. I looked down at my hand and noticed that I was suddenly wearing a strange brown glove. Despite being under the influence of Snakebite how suave I was alert enough to recognize that the glove was made from hair. My hair.

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Especially in such an open forum setting like this one. But if there is one thing that I feel passionate about, it has to do with my hair, or lack thereof. Back when I was only a junior in college and before I was legally allowed to drink beer, I came to the dark realization that I was balding. In fact, just the opposite: I struggled with this notion of losing my hair for years.

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Some might call hair loss a condition, which cause us men to suffer and needs to be treated. Do you realise now that this so-called infliction is quite banal? Embrace your baldness.

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Do all men fear hair loss? Is this a genuine worry, or something that shampoo marketing has told us is the end of our manhood?

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Thanks Will for the information. My front head hair has been falling out a lot from when I was a teen. I receded to Norwood 3, but mysteriously, the receding stopped there. The only explanation I can think of is that I gave up junk food and started eating more fresh fruit and veggies and started regular running and hiking.

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