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Map: Australia Annie's dad is a doctor — an anaesthetist to be exact — but the year-old mentions that without a hint of pride. Her life, she knows, is privileged: overseas holidays, skiing trips and the latest smart phone.

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I would never let it happen again. Four months later, she told him she was pregnant. I was too young to understand what she was saying.

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"What did she want. Why do I- Mmm!" His mouth moved sensually over mine. One hand gripped me behind the neck, holding my head to his.

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I was still mulling over how to broach the subject when we met for coffee, but then your mom called. My only concern became easing your pain. I did what I'd been raised to do by my parents and the Bradleys.

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"Honestly, Holly, the specific details of that night were and still are a blur. I know we were both drunk.

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But by then, he'd released me and I was leaning over his lap, gasping. At a tug on my hair, I looked up through bleary eyes to see Chris panting heavily. His other hand stroked my chin. I dropped my jaw and used my drool to help stroke him fast and hard.

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